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Trading Financial Data Releases: A Comprehensive Course on Market Mechanics and Economics

  • Navigate Market Data

  • Trade News with Confidence

  • Build Accurate Trade Ideas

  • Understand the Economy

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Live Class Program

Day 1

Section 1: (Intro) Explore the past, present, and future of the U.S. financial system and discover the key players and forces shaping the world of finance today."


Day 2

Section 2: (Central Banks) "Uncover the secrets of central banking: Understand the roles and responsibilities of the Federal Reserve and the impact on the economy."


Day 3 

Section 3: (Mastering the Economy) "Explore the inner workings of the economy: Learn how it functions and the incentives that drive it."


Day 4

Section 4: (Financial Markets) Navigate financial markets: Uncover the forces behind price movements.


Day 5

Section 5: Craft a winning (investment thesis) Take control of your trading strategy.

Day 6

Section 6: (Trading News) Master the art of trading news releases: Understand the risks and mechanics of day trading

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